About Us

Our association’s Purpose is to:

~ Represent organizations that require our assistance.
~ Provide a collective voice on behalf of all organizations in the Central Okanagan, assist with the applications for gaming licenses and/or to community gaming funding, in order to represent their interests and concerns in regard to all charitable activities, policies, regulations and procedures, and to participate actively in any processes and decisions that impact on any of these interests and concerns.

Our History: 
The Central Okanagan Charitable Gaming Association (COCGA) was formally registered as a BC non-profit society in November 2009. COCGA evolved from the former Central Okanagan Bingo Association (COBA), which had existed to validate the participation by BC Bingo grant recipients in their local Bingo activities. With the BC government dissolution of the Bingo and Direct Access grant programs in favor of a single Community Charitable Gaming Grants program, all recipient groups no longer were required to actively participate in provincial gaming operations.

Community charitable gaming associations now represent individual organizations in regional divisions across the province. These associations enable better communication with government departments and are able to advocate on behalf of their member groups.

Our Board of Directors:
The COCGA board is comprised of individuals representing groups that are receiving or wish to receive funds from BC Gaming. Our AGM is generally held in June each year.

DIRECTORS/STAFF ~  2016-2017
Diana Groffen, President
Phred Martin, Treasurer
Vicki Cairns, Secretary
Terri Nakayama, Director
Susan Adams, Director
Vic Ukrainetz, Director
Lynne Herrin, Director
Caroline Miller, Coordinator
Wendy McCracken, Administrative Assistant
Stan Walt, ex-officio, CHANCES

At the AGM in June 2015, we said farewell and thank you to the following retiring COCGA directors who have served this organization so well during a time of new direction under governmental development: Al Strachan, President; John James, Director; Ernie Patterson, Director;  Lesley Moore, Director; and  Gabrielle Haas, Director. Al continues to be an active contact through Rotary~Kelowna Sunrise.

In Feb 2014 we were extremely saddened to lose one of our own board, Dave Vass of the Rutland Lions. He was a positive and valued addition to COCGA and we shall miss him greatly.
In memory of our Vice President and Director